One of the biggest troubles is living spaces in small houses, right?



1.       One Sofa Living Room

This small living room comes big in style. It is a classic leather sofa. The patterned rug in a diamond pattern. The minimalist glass pane gives the space a contemporary look.

modern apartment living room

2.       Rustic Meets Mediterranean

The light and airy Mediterranean look. The white and azure blue interiors are bright, welcoming and creates an illusion of space. The brass chandelier and the stripped wood panel feature.

rustic coastal living room

3.       Light Tones Monochrome

Using This living room uses shades of dusky greys and light. The room was spacious and spacious.

small elegant living room


4.       Wall Entertainment Center

Do not waste your space. Space for use. Loading and storage space. Go for a sleek, wall-installed TV

small living room entertainment center

5.       Clear Windows

Opening small rooms. This room has a large living room. The large window lights. The light blue-grey seating and the gold stand.

modern apartment living room

6.       Corner Set

This space-challenged living room makes for a corner seating arrangement. Using one corner saves space traffic. The open glass window. Black cube centre table, coloured throw pillows and the glass dome lighting.

small trendy living room

7.       White Efficiency

The most common used paintings were designed by the artist. This room is very comfortable and has a comfortable sofa. One of the best shelves in the world.

small white living room

8.       Corner Floating Shelves

Mostly in small rooms and apartments. These corner floating shelves provide space for your bric-a-brac pictures and other stuff. Its minimalist design makes it look like the cramped space look.

corner floating shelves

9.       Blue Minimalist

Blue is bright, cool and pleasant. Mixing the right shades of blue tones with complementary shades. The light grey walls are complemented with a cobalt rug and matching throw pillows. The minimalist wood and silver centre table are decorated with blue sky.

bright blue living room

10.   Seascape

The seascape theme has a small sectional sofa, a small living room, a sofa and a table. A bright sea of ​​blue rug adds colour, while the shaggy futon and shell.

small seascape living room

11.   Pops of Yellow

Bright, beautiful and charming! The prominently white living room looks larger than it is. It's because of the overall light tones of the room. The gray sectional looks inviting, while the fluffy rug and blanket and the gold-accented decors. But, it's nice that the rooms are okay.

chic yellow living room

12.   Open Ended

It is important to manage traffic when you have limited space. For every living room, This is an open space window with a large window.

small apartment living room


13.   Functional Side Tables

Very space and money. It is designed for small spaces. Its slim built into cramped spaces. This is a top-of-the-line box.

small living room side table

14.   Patterned Monochrome

Monochrome palettes are common to small living room ideas and designs. The Bland Living Room This is a rich and classy mood.

classy living room

15.   Latticed Partition

Defining space will help. Space is in the open space. But, when you're limited, go with dividers and separators. This streamlined lattice partition.

living room divider

16.   Marvellous Mauve

You can go chic and fabulous without space. This amazing mauve living room packs on style! This room is a collection of beautiful and precious personal pieces. The unique colour is the perfect backdrop of the room - the fuzzy rug, textured throw pillows, gold accents and the ornate wall feature.

small mauve living room

17.   Striped Rug

Lines The living room uses the bold stripes of this room. The floor-length curtains also help make the ceiling look higher. Also, the white interiors brighten the room.

small apartment living room

18.   Eclectic Collection

This is a fun and informal living room, which is also cool and stylish. The mismatched seats, throw pillows, patterns and diverse moods But the complementary shades of blues and greys.

small modern living room

19.   Cosy Pinks and Grays

What a cosy living room. The matching pink and grey tones are easy on the eyes. Small details including miniature wall rack, patterned pillows and framed accents add character. Wide Angle


20.   Stow Away Stools

You can keep the seats without hampering space. These bright and handy stools can be kept under the table. The bleached denim patterned rug

small living room stools

21.   Discreet Shelves

Other Shelves and storage spaces. They keep the room neat and organized. Use of the sofa and other living room items.

classy small living room


22.   Sunny Nook

Find out the sunniest part of the house. This smallish living room looks out onto the walls of the room. The miniature nesting tables that serve as the centre table are movable. Styling points to the bright grey and red!

small sunny living room

23.   Mid-Century Chic

This streamlined mid-century styled living room is also current, efficient and gorgeous. The design of the fluff and bright accents. It used comfortable seating, sensible rug and practical tables. Clean white walls, minimalist art frames and books. The twig arrangement adds a touch of whimsy to the down-to-earth design.

small mid-century

24.   Ashy Aquamarine

Cool, modern, beautiful. This Scandinavian living room is a minimalist. The unique ashy shade of aquamarine in the room. Interesting accents with a silver dome stand lamp. Space is maximized with scaled-down furnishings.

seascape themed living room

25.   Colourful Mediterranean

A predominantly light monochrome colour theme. This small living room uses. And a golden pattern is a must. Colourful and fun!

small Mediterranean living room

26.   Skylights

A small and dark living room. In the living room, the living room has a shower. Intricate patterns and skylight designs.

small living room with skylight

27.   Glass Center Table

One trick to make small rooms. Using glass centre tables. The unique round wall.

elegant small living room

28.   Concrete Grays

Modern, minimalist and refreshingly uncomplicated. The simplicity and straightforward styling achieve an elegant and beautiful look. Walls and floors are left bare, windows open and accents minimal. The sofa is comfortable and inviting.

contemporary living room

29.   Wall of Frames

It's a space for your living room. Your living room is a living room.

art gallery living room

30.   Stripped Floor

It is contemporary, trendy and sensible. This ultramodern living room features cool grey walls, hardwood floors and black furnishings. Bright floor pillow seats.

modern minimalist living room


31.   Hide Away Shelves

Multiport The living room is in the living room. Keep your living room neat and sheltered. These built-in shelves will allow you to hide your clutter when necessary.

hideaway living room shelves

32.   Scandinavian Pastels

Pretty, clean and delightful. Scandinavian interiors are minimalist and cool colours. The light interiors of this living room. The hardwood flooring is left bare and exposed, in keeping with the streamlined design.

Scandinavian minimalist living room

33.   Round Center Table

Do away with corners. This room features a large living room with large windows and light curtains. A collection of white roses on a white background.

bright small living room

34.   Gold and Preppy

Streamlined, comfortable and posh. This is an elemental living room. A sofa, a centre table, functional lamps and a side table. Wallpapers Elegant and smart!

small preppy living room

35.   Mirrored Wall

Easily extend the space to add a mirror wall. This technique is common for small living room ideas and designs. This wood framed mirror features a living room.

framed mirrors in living room

36.   Wheeled Center Table

Bring in the living room! This wheelbarrow inspired centre table is fascinating, gorgeous and practical. The live plants, interesting accents and perky vibe to the room. And the wheeled centre table could be easily moved as needed.

living room table

37.   Classic Hamptons

The rooms are trendy, cosy and cosy. The Hamptons style living room. White walls, black accents and striped throw pillows bring back old-fashioned indulgence. The red floor rug and baskets infuse a touch of pastoral charm.

Hamptons style living room

38.   Black to White

Black and white So modern, streamlined and stunning! Rough, frills and flounces are stripped and bare. The living room is functional, efficient and sensible.

black and white

39.   Wall Shelves

Make a small living room. This small living room appears spacious. All storage and stuff - frames and knickknacks. The rooms are very comfortable and clean.  

small modern living room


40.   Creative Mod

Colourful, perky and cute! This is a big living room. Pops of the bright colour of the room. A tiny footstool serves as the centre table. The light and the bare walls and the floor.

small cottage living room

41.   Floor Cushions

The sofa and the living room are usually bulky and take a lot of space. This minimalist living room has a three-seater, a chair and a low centre table. Additional facilities are provided by the floor cushions. The room is bright, spacious and inviting.

small modern living room

42.   Multi-Purpose Center Table

Need a home office but don't have much room for a desk? Add to Google Add to Netvibes This sensible living room also serves as a computer or desk. The clean minimalist design and stripped wood from the room.

multi-purpose living room table

43.   Brick Wall

The rough brick wall in the living room. Ample lighting and light colour complement the outdoorsy vibe. Plant a refreshing fun look.

brick wall living room

44.   Bohemian Chic

Artistic, rebel, cool! The stranger is away bland. Tufted leather sofa, gipsy prints, shaggy rug and accents and cactus plants. But the truly noteworthy and rebellious piece is the upcycled pallet centre table. 

bohemian living room

45.   Farmhouse Delight

Bluebells and daffodils. This beautiful blue and yellow living room The reed mat and basket magazine holder, low centre table and teacup are charming reminders of pastoral living. The room was cramped and crowded.

bright farmhouse living room

46.   Rustic Mallorca

Modern rustic vibe with the interiors of Mallorca. The stone walls and floor are outside. A lot of natural wood tones and stone accents.

small rustic living room

47.   Candy Colors

Bright, entertaining and stimulating! The fusion of candy pastels on white background. Add to Google Add to Facebook Add to Compare Nobody is a small living room.

bright and colorful living room

48.   Edgy Industrial

Edgy and darkly modish, this space has a lot of personalities. Befitting The grey metal flooring of the walls is grey. The brown leather sofa.

dark industrial living room


49.   Shabby Coastal Chic

This living is light, clean and comfy. The grey and white plush sofa is welcoming and comforting. The light grey interiors are complemented with pops of teal and turquoise. The driftwood ladder accent, the reed basket, seagrass rug and the celeste chest centre table all bring the cool coastal atmosphere into the room.


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