We are giving life to our lives every second, every second. The way we prefer, the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the people we talk to.

Every detail is a stone that we have added to our future. In addition to the small details, there are times when we make very big and clear decisions in our lives. There is a rule that can affect our lives and our decisions, especially at these moments; Rule 10/10/10

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The 10-10-10 rule is designed to help people make difficult decisions. By choosing A instead of B, we are talking about decisions that things may be right or wrong.  In these decisions you take, you basically don't know what to do and there's no factor that makes one option more appealing than the other.

Sometimes the old pros and cons cheating is useless for difficult decisions. However, when the 10-10-10 rule is involved, the stones sit in place. Suzy Welch put forward this method. He is already a well-known journalist for his bestselling books.

Welch carefully examined the brain activity at the decision-making stage. He found that a very important and negative factor came into play in the meantime. This is called hyperbolic reduction, and it means acting as if there is no future. For example, we're eating junk food things like we don't compromise on our health. In order to stop this prejudice, Welch introduced the 10-10-10 rule.

Id The risk of wrong decision making is better than the risk of ambivalence. “

- Maimonides

How does the 10-10-10 rule work?

10-10-10 Rule
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The 10-10-10 rule starts with asking a question to make difficult decisionsthat you need to take . First, you need to explicitly define the problem you want to resolve or the decision you have to make. For example, ”Should I leave my job?” , Sahip Is it time to have another child? ” Or ? Should I leave my country? Örneğin

The more specific the question , the easier it will be to make the right decision. It would be better for us if we know exactly what the real part of a problem or its related variables are.

One thing to do next is to gather information.  You can do this by reading, talking or using other resources.  The goal is to identify the main options you have.  What is your goal?  You have to answer three simple questions: what will the results of each of my options be in 10 minutes?  In 10 months? In 10 years?

Three moments

Do not assume the 10-10-10 rule as fully defined. You don't have to ask yourself what will happen in 10 minutes, 10 months or 10 years in every little decision you make. This is just a way to visualize how the method works. The aim is to think about what your decision will be in the near future and in the long term.

The first moment refers to the present and final results of the decision.  The second moment allows you to think deeply about the time when the decision was taken and the first real results.  The third moment should be related to the distant future and the effects of your decision after much more time has passed.

Suzy Welch called it the 10-10-10 rule because she wanted it to be a kind of mantra . However, you should be aware of the moment when you make the decision, the moment after you make the decision, and the moment when everything is said and done.


After visualizing these three memories according to the 10-10-10 rule, you need to do an additional analysis. The information you collect, the options you have and your beliefs, goals, dreams and needs should be part of this analysis. Welch at this point draws attention to another question you have to ask yourself: my life control what options would be better not to help?

The answer to this question is the final factor that will help you decide. The best choice is the best choice for the future you want.

With this process, everyone does not reach the happy end.  Sometimes the decisions you make include losing or giving up certain things.  However, if you apply this method correctly, you will feel relieved at the end.  Once you discover the best way to progress, you are more motivated to focus your energy on it.

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