Science Has Put The Final Point: Single Women Are Very Satisfied

Of course, there are certain reasons why the number of women who want to continue to life alone is increasing day by day.

The modern world do not leave them no choice, women -Men inequality, can count as many reasons to be very happy with this situation. But it is a fact that single women are happier, the most important point pointed out by recent research.

Women who work hard in a relationship are the most hard-working, so to speak.

Of course, this is a rough generalization, but we all know that the most important part in the continuation, development and trouble-free relationship of a relationship belongs to women. As a result, women get tired after a certain point. While 32% of women aged 45-65 are happy to be single , this rate is only 19% for men.

Women from a long relationship are relieved when they are alone again.

They are starting to do something for themselves without any pressure or stress and without feeling guilty. In the end they travel, they go to their hobbies, they go to courses to improve themselves. According to a study conducted in the UK, 61% of single women are extremely satisfied with their relationship status. No family responsibilities, no eating and cleaning; you just have to order the outside meal and enjoy your life.

Love prevents one from seeing himself at the center of the universe.

But single women realize a new love : to fall in love with yourself . This situation is also seen in women with divorced children. In this case, all the love of women gathered on their children's life for a new man is not room.

Everybody has a woman friend who's been alone for 1-3 years.

The research shows that nowadays women are alone is not rare. In fact, 75% of single women who did not seek a new relationship last year. So most of the women are not looking for a new relationship. When people see these numbers, one cannot ask: What is the reason?

In fact, women are in the pursuit of true love, but they understand better how much they can do on their own if they are alone for a long time.

And they realize one thing: you don't have to be with someone for fear of being alone. Women do not see anything wrong with what they can really love, waiting for someone who loves and agrees with them. They do not stand idle while waiting, of course they invest in themselves, they are constantly evolving. This gives them great pleasure while at the same time being self-confidence.

All this explains why men feel better in a relationship.

Women are always creating alternative relationships, while men prefer to trust their partners or spouses. In this way, women can get help from many people in solving a problem they face.

Women make more friends when they are alone, at which point men are much more passive in expanding their friends' circle. It is inevitable that, if possible, the burden of most of the relationship will be more comfortable in the relationship with the woman and the man in her life. Nevertheless, women never lean on a single source, they always have different alternatives to apply.

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