Valentine's Day is very important to whom, and for others, there is no cost. But what could be the harm to the person to show his love to the person he loves? To confine this to a day is, of course, unreasonable, but on this special day, you can make your day unforgettable with some small surprises. If you think that what we can do we have prepared some ideas for you in our content. For example, you can reorganize your first meeting or spend a wonderful movie day without ever leaving the bed. Whichever is better for you.

1. How about a short trip?

You can arrange a day trip to a place not far from where you can go with your lover. Breakfast in the early hours of the morning, then a walk in nature, chat in hand in a warm environment, maybe a movie… How you want it, if you are not on weekdays you can plan it as a long weekend trip. Take a good opportunity to escape from the routines, listen to the head and discover each other.

2. Breakfast in bed.

Not at home. Going to work a little late, you can make a great breakfast with permission for the afternoon. Do it yourself, or if you want to have a long breakfast with your loved one in a beautiful place.

3. Do you want to go to the handmade chocolate shop?

Who can say no to chocolate? On Valentine's Day, you can go to a place that serves handmade chocolates with your favourite products and offer tastes made from these products.

4. Together we produce something.

How about doing something alone with your lover? For example, to do a puzzle, to do a work of your own type, or even to buy a disassembled furniture you want for your home. Wood painting, glass painting, etc. an ornament is a genius, even for the purpose of revealing something.

5. How to revive your first meeting?

If you've been together for a long time, it would be a good idea to make a surprise for you to meet for the first time, a possibility you cannot forget. At the place you go, at the same table, be sure to ask for the same menu that day and you will experience both nostalgic and loving moments.

6. Having a massage together.

It would look like a classic but very enjoyable activity. There is no such thing as criticizing your relationship and talking in the days to come. Find a spa right away and set yourself a double massage. It will be a great reward and celebration for both of you.

7. Eat together.

You may have to be at work all day, so we can do something when you get home. For example, if you enter the kitchen together, if you prepare a special menu for the Valentine's Day from the ingredients you receive while you come home, and then you talk about your wonderful relationship while eating your special table? We think it would be great.

8. Film marathon.

The best activity imaginable for lazy couples at romantic, adventure, history, tension, what kind of movies you love now, if you love a list of films under the blanket, with your snacks, drinks in your hand for hours to watch? We are sure that you will be one of the most fun and beautiful days of your life. If you're having trouble finding a movie, you can have a look at Valentine's Day movies I've prepared for you.

9. A great opportunity to get to know each other better.

Just break up that day, get permission from work, set up phones, turn off notifications, and chat to get to know each other better with a little table setting. Ask each other questions, talk about your problems, talk about your future, chat about the future. Just the two of you Sadece

10. Write a love letter to each other.

Call your boyfriend right now and ask him to write you a love letter for tomorrow. You write a letter about your feelings, just like that. When people are talking, writing things that they can't say more easily, you do the same. Then meet and change the letters and read them together. Let's see what you've kept inside.

11. Massage each other.

But it's not such a cursory massage. A long and romantic massage accompanied by candles, scents, massage oils. I don't know how to massage, it's not an excuse, open it There are thousands of massage videos on YouTube Take a watch and watch your lover and give her a message that will make her happy.

12. Want to play gift hunting game?

If it's too ordinary to get a gift, it might be a great idea to turn it into a game. You can create a game to hide the gift you bought and find your lover with little clues. It's hard to understand how much fun it can be without playing.

13. How is the idea of ​​exploring the city you live in?

Maybe you live in the same city for years, but do you know the city you live in? Do you know the historical and touristic places, the best cakes, the coffees, the places where the food is sold, the best street delicacies? There may be an opportunity to discover them today. Discover the city you live in with a little planning in advance with your favourite people.

14. Visiting animal shelters.

It is a great activity for animal lovers, it will be very good for both you and the animals to take care of your animals with your loved ones. Not only do you limit yourself to animals in the shelter, but you can also do things for street animals, why don't you prepare a little nest with them that you love? Why not fill the food containers?

Bonus - Is there a Karaoke bar nearby?

Sing songs together, laugh in full, have fun. the karaoke bar is not necessary, you can organize such an event even at home. If you'd like, invite another couple you love, as well as play silent cinema and different box games.

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