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21 Different Things Women Look For In Men

21 Different Things Women Look For In Men

Although the things that women find attractive in men are extremely relative, it is an inevitable fact that certain features stand out. Your outer vision, your body, your muscles, your hair, etc. things that can’t find their place on this list. For what happens if Brad Pitt is a man who can’t stand his word, what happens if Chris Hemsworth?

1. The way you communicate with the people in your life.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

For example, how do you talk to your colleagues? How do you treat the waiter in a restaurant you go to? How do you communicate with your family? These are one of the criteria for you to evaluate women.

2. The excitement and passion you feel when talking about your life, your goals, your future plans.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

These are signs of your life energy, how you look at life, whether you are positive or not.  One who is so passionate about his life, his life, will awaken the same passion in the woman he is in front of.

3. Keeping the promises you made, standing behind your word.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

This is not only important for women, of course, all you need to keep in the foreground of all your relationships in life. However, women remind us that men who are loyal to their promises are attractive.

4. Your family relationship.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

This is wrong, even though there is a perception that his family is troubled, mysterious types are found more attractive by women.  Women especially care about your relationships with your mother and sisters.  Perhaps they think that the way you treat them will be a clue as to how to treat them.  They’re not unfair.

5. Your ability to remember details and be a good listener.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

Women find themselves attracted to men who listen to themselves and capture the details in their words. What was I wearing on our first date? According to him, the question is not empty.

6. Talk about the future rather than past.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

And not just talk about their future, not the common future. Asking insistent questions about a woman’s past is not a woman’s liking. According to him, men who mention common future instead of history come forward with 3-5 steps.

7. Trust in yourself, accept yourself as you are.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

This is one of the most important features. A confident man, sure of his actions, taking responsibility for his decisions will, of course, give you more confidence. A man who knows his responsibilities in life, acts accordingly, and produces solutions instead of excuses, shines like stars.

8. Treat yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and behave well.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

Because a man who cares for himself and behaves well will show the same care to other people in his life. Who’d want to eat a stamp that says, “He can’t even take care of himself?”

9. Talk more about events than about people.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

So you’re not gossiping. Do not be a slave to the absurd and wrong argument as women love to gossip. Women like to talk to you, not to pull someone.

10. Give him your full attention when you spend together.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

To spend quality time in this job, together with the time zone to completely allocate it. Let’s just say you don’t stand a chance if you’re planning on getting things done from the phone and computer.

11. To live your relationship when you are not together on social media.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

Immediately, but the women are doing kadınlar do not try to develop the argument against you, you share everything on social media do you find women very attractive?  Leave the food you eat, watch the sunset, wrap each other, watch movies, etc.  Don’t know anything other than you.  You have special moments, only two of you witnessed.

12. Talk about your problems and produce solutions for them.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

Women like men who listen to themselves, if this is not enough to bring suggestions to things you listen to if you help solve the problems cannot be eaten taste.

13. You leave her space for freedom and not create the feeling that you are constantly controlling her.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

Another extreme false belief about women is about the concept of “ownership Kadınlar;  a woman does not want to be adopted.  The woman wants to be respected, to be accepted as it is and not to interfere with her independence.  If you leave her space where she can do what she wants, and take her own life, you are taking firm steps to become indispensable.

14. You value your thoughts and opinions no matter how different they are from you.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

Your failure to oppress him, instead of judging you in ways you think differently than listening to him will increase your value in the eyes of your value. The common agreement is to call, listen and understand the ground erk A man’s jewellery in the eyes of a woman.

15. A kiss, waist-hugging, hand-holding, such as instant and a random small interest in the show.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

These can be the biggest signs you love. Because they are sincere and unexpected movements. Special days, such as working on, are not headed movements. 10 times to celebrate the birthday, once sold through the effect of the kiss will be much stronger.

16. Pay attention to his friends and family, to spend time for them.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

He will write 15-20 plus points to your household, which you value in his life, show your interest to the people you love and don’t exaggerate. Keep in mind that the value you give to people in your life is a preliminary representation of the value you give them.

17. Only the sacrifices you make to see it, the troubles you endure.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

The fact that you are doing something for her, sacrificing only to be able to see it, would like you to be in difficulty.  Especially if you do these things from your own taste cannot be eaten.

18. Your efforts to support her in all conditions and to learn more about her life.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

In any case, of course, we are not talking about blind support. It will be good for both of you to encourage him for the things he wants to do, to understand him and his dreams and to make them feel like you are behind them.

19. How you made him feel.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

Most important. A woman evaluates you according to how you feel. Why would she be together with a man that she doesn’t feel safe, happy and peaceful in and who doesn’t share the same things? It is very important how you feel about a woman, and in order to achieve this, you must understand and recognize it. As you can see, everything is connected.

20. To teach and teach her things without hurting her.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

You’il be happy to be her teacher. This could be anything, everything from driving to explaining something that he doesn’t understand. Teach him with patience, pleasure, willingness and see the results.

21. In his most difficult moments, when he is upset, broken, etc. to be with you.

23 Things That Women Find Attract

This is the sine qua non of common life, emotions. Not just their best, beauty; it is imperative to share every moment of life, sorrow and sorrow. It will strengthen your relationship, put you in a special place in his eyes.

We don’t even need to say that, but we wanted to remember. Show her your love and tell her that you are not.

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